Blinker was founded in 2013 with a simple mission: To provide the tools, knowledge and guidance to reduce anxiety and put people in control of the process. It's not just the personal touch of our customer service that makes the difference, we push the boundaries of technology to insure the process is as simple and easy as possible. 

At Blinker we have three principles that guide our business:

  • Value - Leverage technology to reduce overhead and pass the savings to our customer
  • Transparency - This is an important purchase, we work hard to earn your trust. 
  • Simplicity - Make this the easiest car buying experience in America

When you find the car you want, we will ship it from our inspection center straight to your driveway. We are aware that having a car come direct to you without seeing it first can raise some concerns - but we are willing to put our name behind your satisfaction. We allow every buyer five days to decide if this vehicle is the right car for them, if not, we will arrange to return the vehicle.

This is all part of our promise, make it easy and save everyone money in the process. We provide the best online tools to educate our buyers on the available inventory. As we said earlier, transparency is one of our company values, we need our buyers to trust in the car they are buying, feel confident and ideally extremely excited for their new purchase.

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