Frequently asked questions about our Trade-in process:

What is the oldest vehicle you can accept?

We are able to accept vehicles that are model year 1982 and newer.
Are there any vehicles you will not accept?
We are unable to accept vehicles that have branded titles such as reported flood or fire damage.

I still owe money on my vehicle, am I still able to trade it in?
Yes! We are more than happy to accept vehicles that still have active loans. However, if your car is leased, we can not accept it.

I owe more than you're offering for my vehicle, what are my options?
In some cases, if you owe more than our trade-in value you will either need to pay down the remaining  loan balance to meet our offer or pay it in the form of your down payment. Our support team is here to help inform you of your best options.

My vehicle has a bunch of aftermarket parts, will this increase the value?
No, aftermarket parts will not increase the value of the trade.

What documents will I need to provide?
If you own the vehicle outright, we will need the front and back of the title, a photo of the current mileage, and Power of Attorney Form (POA). If you still have a loan on the vehicle, we will need to verify payoff with the lender as well paperwork they will need, a photo of the odometer, and a POA. 

Can I get cash for my trade-in?
Yes, we will be able to provide any positive equity trade value to you as long as it's handled in the same purchase transaction.

When do you pick up my vehicle?
Our team will pick up your trade-in vehicle at the same time that your new vehicle is dropped off.

If I return my purchased vehicle, am I able to get my trade back?
No, once you trade-in your vehicle you are not able to receive your trade-in back. Should you choose to return your new vehicle, Blinker will provide any positive equity value via ACH.

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